Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is a Medicaid based program which provides personal care attendant (PCA) services to individuals with disabilities; enabling them to live independently. Individuals in the CDS program are trained to hire their own attendants to assist them with daily tasks such as: Bathing/Showering; Toileting; Obtaining/Organizing Medication; Meal Preparation/Cleanup; Housekeeping/Laundry; Essential Transportation.
  • Grooming
  • Dressing assistance
  • Medication assistance
  • Meals
  • Cleaning for safety & comfort
  • Transportation
  • Bathing
  • Toileting assistance
  • Ambulation assistance
  • Companionship

When it comes to helping you, or a loved one, live safely and independently at home, there is no better thanĀ  Affordable Adult Assistance.

The Consumer Directed Services Program is a program that allows an individual to direct his or her own personal assistance services at NO cost to the consumer.